This is Benson my highly strung, but beautiful fluffy man in my life.

Benson is now a paleo dog. He didn’t embark on the journey when the rest of the family did, but one day it dawned on me that he was the only family member still eating grains! I couldn’t believe that I was feeding myself and my kids so well and yet he was eating rubbish. He always had a good breakfast of chicken necks or wings but his dinner was always dry food. So that all changed when I ditched his dry food for fresh meat. He started off with mince. Sometimes offal mince from my butcher. I started mixing vegetables through it as well. He would politely leave the broccoli to one side of his bowl! The day I put kale in was hilarious. I put down his bowl and waited for his reaction. He started eating it, then looked up at me as if to say “You’re kidding aren’t you?!”. I wish I had taken a photo! If he could have sworn he probably would have! I smiled and told him kale was good for him. In the end hunger for the meat won out and he ate it all. So I figured he had officially graduated into the paleo family because he tried, and eaten kale!

He also loves broth too so sometimes when I’m making up a  big batch I make a smaller one for him without the onion and garlic. If I have run out of wings or necks for his breakfast I give him scrambled eggs. He thinks this is the ultimate treat as he classes this as human food! Benson is about 8yrs old but doesn’t act it. I’m sure his diet plays a large part in this”.